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Building strong business relations by offering quality-assured products like Construction Concrete Stone, Red Sand Soil. Blue Metal Stone, Black Sand, Concrete Stone, etc.

About Us

The need for different building materials such as stones, sand, etc. is often present in the marketplace as some or the other construction-related activity is taking place, particularly in developing countries like India. Understanding these rising construction material demands, we launched our business, S.R.S Earth Movers late in the year of 1975. Since that time, we have offered a wide range of Construction Stone & Soil Sand into the industry as a manufacturer and supplier. Many of the items from our vast collection include Black Gravel Stone, Black Sand, Building Construction Stone, White Sand, Concrete Stone, etc. In addition, not only did our products gain traction during these years, but we also saw a significant increase in our business because of our ethical values.

Why Us?

We have faced many ups and downs in our years of existence in the market, but thanks to our intensive efforts and determination, we have been able to overcome every hurdle. This is because we are constantly trying to incorporate new approaches in our way of doing business that are different from our competitors. Several of the key factors responsible for our steady growth include: 

  • We strive to reach out to the broader audience and bring our best ideas to them. 
  • We understand the expectations of customers properly and work towards meeting them as quickly as possible. 
  • Compared to others, we maintain the lowest possible prices in our products. 
  • We ensure that all orders are fulfilled in a secure and timely manner.

Customer Satisfaction

In our company, S.R.S Earth Movers we firmly believe that an organization can only satisfy their customers if their demands are fulfilled in a timely manner and according to their expectations. To ensure that our initial approach is to listen carefully to their needs and work closely to provide them the most suitable solutions. The variety of items we offer, including Building Construction Stone, Concrete Stone, Black Gravel Stone, White Sand, Black Sand, etc., has never dissatisfied customers. This is because we promise the best quality and the minimum pricing of all our products while offering them to the respective consumers. Thus, we are always in a position to ensure customer satisfaction through this.